Anti-cellulite Cream*

Anti-cellulite Cream*

with Argan Oil, Caffeine and Nopal

A cream rich in functional substances that help fight effectively *cellulite: the argan oil with unsaturated fatty acids that help to regulate trade by promoting intracellular surface skin microcirculation, caffeine known in the literature to prevent 'accumulation of fat, NOPAL (Opuntia ficus indica) and CENTELLA for their draining. HELIX IVY, horse chestnut and Echinacea supplement law enforcement efforts orange peel effect and loss of firmness.

Application: Apply the cream morning and evening regularly on areas affected by the symptoms of cellulite roll out with a circular motion carried by the bottom up. After the massage if possible not to remove dust Nopal he remains on the skin surface but leave act during the day and night.

Fragrance: Essential oil of Peppermint and Lavender.

Price: €46.00



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