Complet Hammam in Gift Box

Complet Hammam in Gift Box

Face Argan Oil + Rhassoul Mask
Body Argan Oil + Black Soap + Kessa Gant
The HAMMAM FACE RITUAL develops itself in two phases: the RHASSOUL Mask purification and nourishing with Pure Argan Oil Massage. The mask based on RHASSOUL, honey and essence of flowers of orange tree is applied on the damp face and rinsed after 3 minute with a lavette soaked of warm water. It follows the massage to the face with pure ARGAN OIL antiage moisturizing treatment.

The HAMMAM BODY RITUAL develops itself in two phases: the deep cleaning and exfoliation with the BLACK SOAP and Glove Kessa, the nourishing and antiage treatment with the Argan Body Oil.
The opening of skin pores are favourited with a warm bath or shower. Applie the Black Soap on the whole bodyand after few minutes remove it massaging with the Glove Kessa. Finally proceed to the massage with the body oil.

The Complet Hammam is proposed here in the elegant hatbox Les Arganiers.

Price: €102.00





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