Your own Hammam

Fascinating and sensual, the oriental women repeat from the origin of the times their rituals of wellness and their recipes of beauty and of however the oriental women show the best the spirit of seduction:


"...Unchangeable in them also the search of the correct equilibrium between sensual luxury and aesthetical simplicity. Secrets of seduction that are transmitted from mother to daughter through gestures and words. The spirit of wellness declines in the daily life and in the party. Essential. The pleasure to take takes care of themselves by themselves. In every house, black soap, henna', rhassoul, argan oil and floral waters have the right to be quoted. Forced passage, the hammam reveals the importance of the water for the purification and rising of life. The Hammam. Sensual. Carnal. Voluptuous..."
From: Secrets de Beauté des Femmes du Maroc; Catherine Deydier

The hammam, steam bath, is used as treatment of wellness and beauty of the skin. It is an extremely diffused very ancient TRADITION in the Middle East and that today is rediscovered in West. The BENEFITS brought by this marvelous treatment had been being already known from the times of the Egyptians even if its origins are traditionally brought Greek-Roman to the world. Beauty, care of the body and psicophisical welness unite them in this ancient ritual, that transports in a dimension of relax among treatments, peeling and massages.

To get a perfectly smooth and luminous skin is necessary perform a deep exfoliation to remove dead cells, purify the skin and give at the same time, elasticity and firmness to the skin surface.

Learn how to CREATE YOUR PERSONAL HAMMAM. Take your time need and enjoy a relaxing break and a
professional treatment at home in your intimacy. Lights soft, soothing music, black soap, rhassoul, argan oil...
open the door to beauty.
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