The beauty through and for Women

The exploitation of the Arganier has not a negligible social and economic role for Morocco. Particularly, the women are tied to the life of this tree for a long time. In the 1995 Zoubida Charrouf proposed the project to valorize the Argan and the practices of workmanship to help the women that are depositaries of it, launching the production and the sustainable marketing of oil and byproducts. After years of distrust of the masculine population and the local authorities the results have jumped to the international footlights winning the Slow Food Prize 2001. From years the government of Morocco helps the creation of female cooperatives for the production of the famous liquid, with the objective to strengthen the female incomes, to avoid the rural exodus and to protect so the Arganier. The women work in operation of their availability and contemporarily they follow courses of alphabetization. they can manage this way their budget and to send their children to school. Around two million and a half of Moroccans live by proceeds derived by the Arganier.

Zoubida Charrouf sciences professor at the university of Rabat "Mohammed V" has brought the alimentary and COSMETIC PROPRIERTIES of the ARGAN OIL to the footlights to make that the Arganier was defended and particularly valorized the women that have been being depositaries of the secrets of beauty of the oil of Argan for centuries.

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