The cosmetic proprierties of the Argan Oil

The lack in essential fat acid, inevitable with the age, cause a cutaneous aging that is translated with the DEHYDRATATION and the LOSS OF ELASTICITY of the skin, that it favors so the appearance of wrinkles. The correction of a lack in essential fat acids allows to delay the cutaneous aging.
The OIL OF ARGAN is one of the richest oils in UNSATURATED FAT ACIDS, particularly the Linoleico Acid, OMEGA-6 (around 36%), but also Linolenic Acid (0,5%) OMEGA-3. The ESSENTIAL FAT ACIDS are fat necessary that the man doesn't succeed in synthesizing and that must get through or the feeding or the treatments for skin as the Argan Oil. They are structural component of which body needs to build and to mend the cellular membranes, allowing the cells to get the best nutrition and to expel substances of discard. They are therefore necessary to REGULATE THE HEALTH OF THE SKIN and the premature aging. These acids play an important role in the management of the lipids of the epidermis, the production of sebo. They have STRONG MOISTURIZING AND ANTIOXIDANTS PROPERTIES, THEY STRENGTHEN THE DEFENSES OF THE SKIN, they can be used as coadiuvant in the psoriasi care, childish eczema, non allergic eczema in the teen-agers and in the adults. They act on the microcircolation (useful for cellulitis).

The oil of Argan helps to reconstitute the HYDRO-LIPIDICO FILM of the skin expounding its MOISTURIZING properties, NOURISHING, PROTECTIVE, REVITALIZING, and CICATRIZANT.

Besides the unsaturated fat acids, the Argan Oil contains other important elements for the skin:


Z.CHARROUF - L’huile d’argane, une prodigieuse vitalité née au bord du désert

F.KHALLOUKI - Secondary metabolites of the argan tree.

E.VEGGETTI, S.ZAVA - Lo squalene nel trattamento dell'invecchiamento cutaneo. Prove sperimentali della sua efficacia come antiossidante.

The Argan Oil it is relatively rich in TOCOPHEROLS: three times the olive oil. The tocopherolis are NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS that develop an essential role in the maintenance of the oil and in the prevention of the wrinkles, since they develop an activity of protection against the attack of free radicals.
Their anti-age effect is recognized by the scientific world. A recent study has revealed that the insaponificable portion of Argan oil has a superior antioxidant power than vitamin E. This is probably due to its strong concentration in "gamma tocopherols", whose antioxidant activity is more raised of that "of the alpha tocoferolo" (vitamin E).
The argan oil is therefore a great value nourishing.
SQUALENE recentely has been found in Argan Oil, the SQUALENE, is present in Argan Oil in a considerable rate. This hydrocarbon is a precursor of many metabolitis among which the hormone anti-old age: the DHEA, is a very moisturizing substance that NORMALIZES THE DESQUAMATION of the skin and the PROTECTION OF THE CAPILLARY ones.
The squalene is particularly resistant to skin perhoxidation and whereas it is retrieved in notable quantity, it contributes to PROTECT THE LIPIDS of the more superficial epidermal layers from the PERHOXIDATION owed to the exposure to the light UV and to other sources of damage ossidativo.
After the 50 years in the women the percentage of produced sebo goes down to 40% in comparison to the adult. The squalene, one of its principals component could reveal insufficient and a correct prevention suggests to restore through topical applications the suitable concentration of the molecule in the film idrolipidico.
The Argan Oil contains also PHITOSTEROLS, that are hardly found in the vegetable oils. These biomolecoles are efficient so much in the sector of the REVITALIZATION AND ANTIRADICALIC PROTECTION dell'epidermide che nel RIPRISTINO delle attività delle cellule. of the epidermis that in the Restoration of cells activities. The principal fitosterolis met in the oil of Argan are SCOTTENOLO and SPINASTEROLO that would practice an ANTI-RELAXATION EFFECT on the skin and therefore they would begin a rapid and deep RECONSTRUCTION.
The CAROTENOIDS are a whole fat-soluble natural pigments that are found in plants and that serve to PROTECT THE EYES IT IS THE SKIN FROM THE RADIATIONS UV and from the damages of the free radicals; they help to maintain our immunitary system; to promote the health of the skin and to inhibit the growth of the carcinogenic cells. The caretonoidis found in the argan oil are the XANTOFILLES.
The POLIPHENOLS are component dispositions in an ample variety of plants and are also known as secondary metabolitis of the plants. They are known to have ANTISEPTIC, ANTIOXIDANTS, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, NTIALLERGENIC and ANTIAGE proprierties. They improve IMMUNITARIE ANSWERS and INTRACELLULAR COMMUNICATION, they mend the damages of the Dna caused by the smoke and by toxic exposures.
The beneficial effects of argan oil on the skin have been confirmed by NUMEROUS SCIENTIFIC EVEDICENCE and CLINICAL TRIALS. Among the most important we remember the testimony of Professor Zoubida Charrouf (Laboratoire de Chimie des Plantes et de Synthèse Organique et Bioorganique - Faculté des Sciences - Université Mohammed V - Rabat)
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