At the Sahara edge in the south of Morocco, a millennial endemic plant lives, the ARGANIA SPINOSA. From their berries almonds the berbere women extract the Argan Oil: the gold of the Desert, precious for its rarity and the exceptional cosmetic properties.

As the ARGANIERS, with their deep roots, defend the south of Morocco from the insistent advance of the desert, so the products LES ARGANIERS, help to defend the BEAUTY OF THE SKIN from the attacks of time and from the external aggressions.

As the Arganiers, with their fruits, also this cosmetic line that takes the name from them, is rich of effective and precious natural elements as the OIL OF ARGAN, the excellent natural cosmetic and of other precious natural products, as the BLACK SOAP and the RHASSOUL.

The products of Les Arganiers line also shares besides the effectiveness, the agreeability of take care gesture; they take back native cosmetic rituals of Morocco and the oriental culture as the HAMMAM to widen our sensorial confinements; they rediscover the proximity and the intimacy of our body with nature and tradition, giving us important moments of relax, of comfort and of beauty.